Oysters and crustaceans

On our daily menu you will always find a big selection of different oyster varieties, such as Sydney rock oysters, native Angasi oysters from the NSW coast and Pacific oysters. Depending on daily availability, we can have up to 16 varieties at any one time! You can also watch them being freshly shucked to order in our open kitchen. We serve around 250 dozen oysters every week. That’s a lot of shucking!

Oyster Masterclasses
Learn everything there is to know about oysters at our private two-hour oyster shucking and tasting classes for social or corporate groups, 15 people minimum, $89 per person. Call (02) 9518 9011 or email fish@boathouse.net.au for details.

Also check out the Oyster Masterclass video below featuring our Head Chef Colin Barker with some great tips on how to prepare oysters at home.

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