Autumn treats

It's hard to believe Summer is really over, but apparently Autumn is here!

The good news is that Pristine Pacific oysters are now in season and there is a wonderful new Piquepoul Blanc vintage to match; plus our Chef Colin Barker has created a spectacular new chocolate dessert just in time for Easter.


Pristine Pacific Oysters

The Boathouse Pristine Pacific oysters.jpg

These stunning Pacific oysters from the family-owned and operated Pristine Oyster Farm on the ‘pristine’ waters of Coffin Bay in the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, are now in season and happily on our Oyster Menu.

Cultured in some of the cleanest, most unpolluted waters in the world, Eyre Peninsula Pacific oysters have a creamy appearance, fresh ocean flavour and unique ‘cupped’ shell filled with juicy, plump meat.

Pristine Pacific oysters are certified organic and have won many awards over the years, so make sure you don’t miss them.


Borrowed Cuttings Piquepoul Blanc

“An astonishing match with oysters”, is how Max Allen in Gourmet Traveller described Borrowed Cuttings Piquepoul Blanc. And our top seafood chefs around the nation agree that this Australian-grown wine is a ‘masterstroke’ match for oysters.

The Boathouse Piquepoul Blanc.jpg

The new vintage of Piquepoul Blanc is a cool, crisp, fresh, citrusy, light alcohol wine. It’s very addictive and perfect for an aperitif at sunset, yet versatile enough to meet all seafood matches. It opens with a good fruity nose, green melons, apples and pears, and is the perfect accompaniment for oysters, crustacea, sashimi and Asian flavours.

This wonderful oyster match was inspired by Steve Feletti of Moonlight Flat Oysters, and created in conjunction with the winemakers at Windowrie Wines of Cowra, who apply the same degree of care in making Borrowed Cuttings as they do for their own award-winning organic wines.

Make sure you experience this ‘perfect match’ with your next plate of oysters at The Boathouse - the last vintage sold out! 


Chocolate Cannoli & Garnet Plum

A definite must for chocolate lovers, this dish is a mouth-watering combination of chocolate-filled cannoli with juicy garnet plums and a crunchy chocolate crumble.

The Boathouse Chocolate Cannoli.jpg

The chocolate filling is made by combining a chocolate custard with a creamy ricotta mix, the plums are thinly sliced, the crumble is a mix of chocolate biscuit balls and chocolate sable, and the dish is finished with a dusting of fragrantly spiced icing sugar.

Shown here served with vanilla ice-cream.



Happy Easter

We are looking forward to celebrating Easter with you. We are open for dinner on Good Friday (closed lunch), open as usual for lunch and dinner on both Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday, but closed on Easter Monday. Please contact Jaime on (02) 9518 9011 or, or book online.


Mother’s Day Sunday 13 May 2018

If you are planning on treating Mum at The Boathouse on Mother’s Day, please book as soon as possible as we are always very busy on this very important day! We will be open as usual from 12 pm for lunch and 6 pm for dinner. Just contact Jaime as above.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Boathouse again soon.

Christophe and The Boathouse team