We're feeling festive!

Join us for lunch

The festive season is now well under way, and we've extended our lunch hours during December, so make sure you join us for some holiday cheer. Please call Jamie on (02) 9518 9011 as soon as possible for larger bookings. Below are the updated hours...

New tastes for the season

Make sure you try these delicious new dishes next time you visit The Boathouse:

Honey Bugs

Honey bugs are as good as their name sounds. Also known as deep-sea white tail bugs, they are served raw and now at their sweetest best. 

Sitting on a bed of white nectarines, the honey bugs are thinly sliced, with macadamia nuts shaved over the top. Although the bugs are raw, an acidic ceviche cure of tomato consommé, combined with lime juice, chardonnay vinegar and bug shell oil, helps to break down the meat. And finally, the dish is garnished with summer purslane and amaranth cress.


Sheep's milk pannacotta, watermelon, blueberry & ginger 

The perfect summer dessert...inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. Chef Colin Barker was inspired by his daughter's watermelon and ginger juice at a local cafe one morning! Very fresh, delicious and oh so pretty!



THIS beer is THE perfect match

Nomad marries the best styles and techniques from around the world with Australia’s phenomenal native ingredients. 

Freshie Salt & Pepper is Nomad's interpretation of the classic Gose style - a German top-fermented beer, brewed with at least 50% malted wheat.

This spicy new beer contains sea salt and Tasmanian mountain pepper and is a fantastic pairing for seafood; the seawater is harvested from Sydney's own Freshwater Beach!

Freshie Salt & Pepper is an adventure in taste and highly recommended, so make sure to try it next time you are in.


our New look website

We are very excited to present our dynamic new website, specially designed to make it quicker and easier for you to get the news and information you need. So please check out our new look at www.boathouse.net.au


We hope you will come and celebrate with us during December, but if we don't see you, we wish you very happy festive celebrations, a great holiday and a wonderful 2017. 

Christophe and The Boathouse team