New Year News

Happy 2016 to all our customers. We hope your New Year is off to a great start.

Beets by January

A new cocktail on our list from Akin, our barman extraordinaire. It’s an interesting blend with a good splash of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, house-made beetroot liqueur (Akin is keeping its ingredients a secret!), dark cacao liqueur and squeeze of lemon to bring it alive, all with egg white added for texture. Although I’m more a classic cocktail kind of guy, I have to say this one is a cracker!

Our Cone Bay Barramundi

Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi is the only ocean grown barramundi in Australia and exhibits ocean saltwater flavours similar to wild caught fish. Cone Bay is located way up north where massive tides rage, and the fish swim against them from inside their sea pens.  They are perhaps the fittest fish on earth, which is why their fat is spread evenly throughout the body, and fat is what barramundi flavour is all about. So instead of an earthy or muddy taste, this fish has a beautiful, clean and sweet buttery flavour. Its high fat content keeps it incredibly moist when cooked. We serve it with a crispy skin as it is sometimes referred to as the pork belly of the sea. Make sure you try it.

Francois Chidaine les Tuffeaux Montois 2014

This wine is Chenin Blanc drawn from Chidaine’s old Chenin plots, including the Clos du Volagray and Saint-Martin – sites that have stony soils, heavy in yellow limestone (or tuffeaux). These vines range in age from 30 to 90 years and are always cropped at a tiny yield resulting in a wine full of concentrated flavour. Always one of our favourite Chidaine wines at the Boathouse, the ’14 is a sublime example of a slightly sweeter style loaded with complex root beer, fresh ginger and nectarine aromas; it has a hedonistic, multi-layered mouthfeel, all balanced by tangy acidity and a mouth-watering, salty close.

Easter Hours 25-28 March

We are only closed for Good Friday lunch, and Monday as usual, but otherwise open for Friday dinner and all weekend. Booking essential so please call Jaime on 02 9518 9011.

We look forward to welcoming you again soon.

Christophe Dubois and The Boathouse team